Live action shot of me investing in crypto right now

Why should I be sacked for refusing the Covid vaccine?

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Just like the years after the Carter presidency, people are fleeing Leftism because once again it has revealed that it is Communism under a paint job.

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The problem with @Effortless is he is too based to live in Canada so nobody believes he is a leafbro

tfw your company features in a Qanon documentary...

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Inspired by @adam 's purchase of a BTC miner, I have setup mining Monero (XMR) on my home Intel NUC server. I have 8 CPU cores so why not?

I have already earned USD 0.002427 in 2 hours! Waiting for the big bucks (and how much extra electricity I use). The local hash rate is around 1.6 kh/s.

I am using as the pool, and xmrig as the miner.

Any tips welcome!

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On my 3rd attempt I have managed to get a mail server with postfix and dovecot set up using this setup guide.

I am not sure doing this with a bourbon is most conducive to avoiding typos (the death of any setup working). I still can't point to what I did wrong on the prior 2 attempts.

This was a good test run before contemplating this for my 'real' email.

The problem right now is sending to other domains is temporarily blacklisted as the domain is 'too new'.

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Another “Covid safe” family in my kid’s school has been fully infected with omicron! 😂


That does not mean that I approve of assassination as implied by Dr Fauci in the Senate hearing today.

Fauci blamed Rand Paul for some lunatic being stopped with an AR15 on the way to get Fauci because Paul's website includes "Fire Dr Fauci". He did not answer any of Rand Paul's legitimate questions (including why he tried to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration scientists). Fauci is despicable.

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